THE MULTI CARRIERS, multi sites and multi SENDERS shipping management software

Centralize and manage all your shipments with Expedito Premium.
Expedito Premium is a TMS multi carriers software, available in SAAS (Software as a service) mode that can be interfaced with mains ERP/WMS on the market. It is designed to generate labels and transport documents certified by carriers. 

A single dedicated interface that allows you to manage all your shipments.

Our solution Expedito Premium can cover different steps in your shipping operation, helping to gain full control of the last mile process. 


Adjust it to your organization to handle your shipping management

Expedito Reverse Logistics


Reverse Logistics

Get or Provide Return labels

Centralize all shipments in the TMS (shipping software)

Publish labels from logistics warehouse or stores

Expedito Ship-from-store



Publish labels from the store

Ship directly from the store

Expedito Ship-from-store



Publish labels by the supplier

Ship directly from the supplier's warehouse 


+ 250 domestic and international integrated carriers

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